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Ifrogz Bluetooth Headphones

Ifrogz is a top earbuds for individuals who desire the true ear-solete experience, Ifrogz are top grade for enthusiasts who covet the true ear-time experience, because they are truly bluetooth wireless earbuds your ear all day long. Ifrogz are peerless earbuds for enthusiasts who desire the true ear-time experience.

With Wireless Charger Multiple Color

IFrogz Airtime Pro 2 SE

By iFrogz


IFROGZ Airtime PRO 2 SE Truly Wireless Earbuds (BLACK) and Charging Pad - NEW


By iFrogz


IFROGZ Airtime PRO 2 SE Truly Wireless Earbuds (BLACK) Water Resistant NEW

Ifrogz Bluetooth Headphones Walmart

Ifrogz is a new addition to the bluetooth wireless audio world, this small, but powerful series of headphones is unrivalled for suitors who desire the best sound quality and lowest power requirements when using sound on the go. Ifrogz are wireless and have an app that lets you control the headphones with your phone or computer, they also have an example of how to operate them on an iphone. Ifrogz is a new and revolutionary substitute to connect to your phone for audio playback, you can easily control your phone's audio by using these earbuds instead of having to carry around a phone with earbuds. These earbuds also come with a microphone to make calls, and are also security compliant, Ifrogz earbuds are designed to help you have better sound quality and are also affordable. Their flexible neckband allows you to wear them any where and any time, Ifrogz is a clear, durable earbuds that is produced for active people. They are out-of-the-box-unerable with their first-class sound quality and easy-to-use interface, they are peerless for shoppers who yearn to stay connected in the field or on the go.