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Vava Bluetooth Headphones

Looking for a way to increase your audio experience without paying an extra price for something you won't use? Check out our bluetooth headphones - 6, 5 ft adapter adaptor for Vava 28 va-bh009. These headphones also include an 6, 5 for other devices such as the Vava 28 va-bh009 bluetooth speaker. These headphones have an 6, 5 so you can reach your audio needs with no extra out of pocket costs.

Vava Moov 28 Bluetooth Headphones

The Vava 28 bluetooth headphones are the perfect addition to your sports tool, with their noise reduction abilities, these headphones will keep you organized and productive. Plus, the wireless bluetooth option will make them easy to take on and off, the 6. 5 ft adapter adaptor for Vava 28 va-bh009 bluetooth headphones is perfect for adding an extra pair of hands-free viewing eyes to your lifestyle, this converter makes adding a new phone to your wirelessly-gated group a breeze! With its standardization by the ule, this adaptor makes sure your phone is working with or without the adaptor's help. The Vava bluetooth headphones are great option if you're looking for sound quality and noise these headphones are backed by a montreal-based company, and feature 28 wireless contacts, the ear cups are also hd confirm tecnology which makes these headphones highly efficient with noise. Overall, these headphones are designed for daily use and are perfect for those who want to enjoy sound and noise-free life, these headphones have a noise reduction feature that helps you hear the game better in a noisy environment. The headphones are also wireless, so you can take them with you wherever you go.